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Power Washing


Power washing has the ability to enhance or destroy your home. At Valenti and Sons we are very mindful of this. Our deep experience tells us that two things are imperative when power washing: using the correct pressure for each job, and the use of mildew killing agents. These two concepts are quite tied to one another. The use of mildew killing agents allows us to further reduce the pressures necessary to do a quality job, thus better preserving your home and property. High pressures create the risk of damage to wood and other property. Our process ensures to minimize pressures but maximize results. In addition, we are sure to employ wood brighteners and reconditioners to prepare surfaces prior to staining. Additionally important is that we follow proper preparation techniques so that the products we employ truly live up to their warrantees and representations. Your home is your castle and we are sure to treat it that way at all times.

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